Tagging to posts once published

Tagging to posts once published

I make it a habit to tag my posts when I create a new topic…

Tagging is an essential feature , it can help in many ways, for searching, for categorizing etc.

I noticed that when beginners create new topic often the post is published without tagging… N even admin cannot create tags for already created posts…

I thought of creating tags to those posts that did not have any tags… but I was unable to…

Can tagging be made mandatory when creating posts … just like creating a title is made mandatory without it the text box does not let write…

So tagging also needs to be made as a habit while creating new topic. Else we can’t populate tagging just off the air…

Enforcing tagging is done for projects, not for Chat, Help.

But I agree that tagging habit is good. But it is an advanced habit, and we call this Curation Habit.

Referees can tag posts that are not tagged or update tags of a post.

How to add new tag
I can see list of tags available only

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This is an important question and needs to be addressed. I for example wish to see all the posts on insects, butterflies, and other nature. I also want to post with these tags. I assume tags are like hashtags that are used on other platforms.


I agree. I’d like to add my own tags than the recommended ones. It’d be easier to find posts on a particular topic this way.

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@Akshitha, i think the trouble could be of having too many tags floating around.
Right now I guess data is low and tags can be managed.
What do you think of a system where we can suggest tags for a topic… Or if there are more than 5 posts on a unique topic and the topic doesn’t have a tag, then we could ask for one. It will mean a fair bit of retagging