Terrarium Project

What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but instead of aquatic ecosystem, it’s a land micro-ecosystem. it requires small but good enough container that’s made out of glass. You can use any glass container, The idea is to create a tiny garden or forest that’s its own little world. Basically a micro-ecosystem in which the insects and other tiny animals should find it their living environment and guess what? You can totally make a gorgeous terrarium all by yourself.

May 21st :-

We had an interesting session with Tarence and @GN. We learned a great deal about terrariums and how to create three unique ones at our living academy: a rain forest terrarium, a desert terrarium, and an open forest terrarium for the entrance. The knowledge shared by both was fascinating and informative. They explained the importance of choosing the right plants for each terrarium. They informed us about the specific needs and characteristics of a rain-forest, desert, and open forest plants. We are thrilled to begin working on these projects and look forward to the new experience.

We learned about each terrarium’s different types of soil, drainage, and watering requirements. Tarence and @GN highlight the need for proper moisture control to ensure the health and survival of the plants. They also shared tips on creating a visually appealing arrangement within each terrarium.

They informed us about layering techniques, using plants with different textures and colors, and adding decorative elements like rocks and moss.

We were encouraged to be creative and think outside the box while designing the terrariums. Tarence and @GN inspired us with examples of unique and artistic terrariums they had seen or created themselves. The session concluded with a hands-on activity where we got to start working on our own terrariums. We left the session feeling inspired and excited to continue working on our terrarium projects. We are grateful for the knowledge and expertise shared by them, and we can’t wait to see our finished terrariums come to life.

They provided guidance and assistance as we selected plants, arranged them in our chosen containers, and added the necessary soil and decorative elements. We created two teams the first team is for cleaning and the other went for purchasing the required material. The whole process was fun, we worked together with the excitement of creating the micro-ecosystem.

It took quite some time for us to search for the stones and gravel for the terrarium project, we required larger stones for the cliff in the rain forest and for the water fall. So we searched for a while and collected stones from the nearest grounds.

We are already working on it since two days, the other team purchased the required material, such as sand, stones, and gravels, from our nearest shop.

GN got the first plants from his house for the Terrarium which’s also look beautiful and fine, enhancing the look, then Alice & GN got some more plants including the money-plant.

This is how it looks, when you come to LA you can see the life inside through the terrarium.

The days passes and the process is still going on and together with some efforts we were able to build it like this, however it’s not the final look, there are some more adjustments yet to make. When we were making it, we all felt nothing could be more interesting then this. Through this process we can learn lots of things. And we all were enjoying and we didn’t even realize about the time. And we added some algae in the pond so that it can grow and the environment could be build for the living fish, also added some plants in it and added water onto it.

As the process of building the terrarium continues, we will continue publishing more posts…