The Cannonball tree: tracking leaves growth

The Cannonball tree: tracking leaves growth

Started tracking the growth of the leaves of the Cannonball tree on 21 June. Status update on 26 June 2019.


@edurafi this is interesting. I noticed that in the same campus as the above tree(let’s call tree-1) that you are tracking few meters away there is one more cannonball tree(tree-2) which appears to be of same type as the above. However, the tree-2 has leaves much older than tree-1.
I’m curious why that might be?
houldn’t both trees be growing with comparable speed?
Disclaimer: I left formal science study more than a decade ago so may be naive question.

Cannonball tree-2

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There are tree level variations (within the same species) in the time of leaf falling and growing. But difference is not more than a month. So approximately trees grow new leaves during a particular season.
What factors cause these tree level variations is a good question to ask.

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