The Cuckoo's calling + other birds call

Male and Female Cuckoo Call


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Strange_MaleCuckooCall_17.4.22_2.53 AM
Mulund, Mumbai

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I heard a new bird call
I saw a blue bird sitting on a tree and guess which bird it was?
It’s the

White-throated kingfisher!
8.21 am, 8.9.22, Mulund, Mumbai

Sparrows Feeding on Rice Grains

YouTube Link

Sparrows Drinking Water and Feeding on Rice Grains :ear_of_rice::rice:
YouTube Link

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Do you think sparrow’s are on the verge of becoming extinct?
Lets start a different thread for sparrow and different topics @Priti_Kanade

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I’ll make a new thread for sparrows

Male Cuckoo Call 14.11.22_6.11

How are we sure this is male cuckoo calling? Any reference?
Please give example of Female cuckoo calls. @Priti_Kanade

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Cuckoo woke up little early than it did in winters (Dec Jan)!
Sign of Summer approaching…

Cuckoo waking up early in Summer Season :sunrise:


(Audio uploaded on kobo)

Female and Male Cuckoo
Mulund, Mumbai

Female Cuckoo
Mulund, Mumbai

Male and Female Cuckoo Calls
(Uploaded on Kobo)
12:12 pm, 19.3.23

1 Female, 3 Male Cuckoos
12.28 pm, 19.3.23
Mulund, Mumbai

The 4 cuckoos stayed quiet long on the tree
A bulbul was hovering around all of them for sometime after which Male Cuckoo came near Female Cuckoo for discussion

Hey Folks,
I got to capture 3 types of Cuckoo Call along with video of Male Cuckoo!!!

  1. Male Cuckoo Call with similar frequency doing

  2. Male Cuckoo Call with Pitch increasing slowly

  3. Female Cuckoo Call and the video shows Male Cuckoo flying in the direction of Female Cuckoo call

Click on the links given in the post to view each of them

  1. Male Cuckoo Call - YouTube

Male Cuckoo Call
15:43, 26.3.23

  1. Male Cuckoo Call Pitch Increasing - YouTube

Male Cuckoo Call
Pitch Increasing Slowly
15:47, 26.3.23

  1. Male Cuckoo Following Female Cuckoo Call - YouTube

Male Cuckoo
Female Cuckoo Call
17:39, 26.3.23
(Note: Correction in Video wrt time)
Priti K, Mumbai

Compiled Crow Nesting Story 2023

Male Cuckoo call beside Female Cuckoo on Valentine’s Day :love_letter:
2 video links: