The Fruitfly Diary (At my CUBE HomeLab Bandra, Mumbai)

So today is 8th October 2022 and exactly one year ago on same date (i.e 8th October 2021) I started culturing fruit fly… Back then I didn’t knew about metastudio and when I came to know about it I wanted to post my work so I tried summarizing but unfortunately i’m not good at summarizing a huge data all together so I started this thread and i will post little everyday and we would go in details… You know the devil is in details! so let’s begin

Today i trapped fruit flies from dustbin area near my home
Common Name - Fruit Fly
Scientific Name- Drosophila melanogaster
Date :- 8th October 2021
Location - Mount Mary, Bandra (W), Mumbai
Name of collector - Smiti Gupta


Since it’s my first time culturing species. You must be thinking why only fruit flies right…? . Well because…

  1. Drosophila is easily available in large number around rotting fruits
  2. It has a short life span of approx. 50 days
    These pest are not harmful on their own, but can be indicative of sanitary household condition i.e unclean enough to endanger health
  3. Last but not least, it’s a model organism in field of genetics as 75% of the genes that cause disease in humans are also found in fruit flies and I’m kinda interested in branch of genetics so…

I placed this bait at 3 pm and the mission was complete by 4:30pm on 8th October, it was quite quick to trap approximately 80 flies within 1 and a half hour, because I placed small pieces of over ripped and sweet custard apple around the lid area. It was placed around dustbin which contained some rotten food stuffs and the bottle contains 2 banana, half boiled potato and some vinegar. I also placed some strips of butter paper for them to lay eggs

That’s the place where bait was kept and it was placed open. After the collection I closed it using a lid which had multiple, tiny holes on it

Here is a short video of that container, made just after trapping the fly

Okay… here i told it’s scientific name is Drosophila melanogaster and that’s because i used to think that all fruit fly are drosophila melanogaster, also i was in search for this species as it has won 6 noble prizes and i thought to work on them i need to trap, culture and identify them.


Are you not surprised you got so many fruit flies in about 2 hour? @Smiti
What is your interpretation now, after exactly one year?
What do you suggest to cubists like Shweta of CUBE Somaiya about this? @Smiti

Yes… That time I was but surprised, but I also remember that the bait was kept near the dustbin and dustbin contained a lot or overripe or spoil fruits that was dumped by fruit seller and fruit fly were already there in the dustbin, but the number didn’t look that big I think because dustbin was comparatively big then the jar I was using for example volume of dustbin would be 8 lit. and of jar i used will be 1 or 1.5 lit. Also, after keeping the bait, I made all flies come out of dustbin by waving it’s lid and then I closed dustbin so that call fruit flies could come to my bait jar

If Shweta is trying to trap fruit flies, I would suggest her to try keeping a bait bottle (any plastic bottle that is not in use with some fruit that is available at home like tomato, banana, etc) at a place where she already has observed fruit flies like near the dustbin, on kitchen window, balcony, etc

8th October 2021: Night at 8pm:-

This is how they be at night, I took this picture around 8pm on the same day after 4 hours of trapping… There were such groups of fly on butter paper

9th October 2021:- Night, at 9pm

And then on 9th October I saw this changes in bottle/jar… There were 2 different layers of media formed in jar. It also started smelling bad so today I decided to throw it and kept it outside the house