The Home Garden

It was end of the month, May27th when we were doing pantry projects; tea making, were missing ginger and decided to grow it on LA then we can have some fresh grown gingers. later on @Alice and team had a packet of tomato plant seeds she planted that as well, it made good preparation on the soil where they sowed those tiny seeds with expectation that we’ll have some fresh tomatoes as well and the kids were getting the new exposure, aside from tomatoes we also managed to plant Irish potatoes; sweet potatoes; onions, and etc.

The whole project was held by kids, the elder people were just there to guide them and we were part of their project @Alice was there with them with each step. With every passing moment we had a feeling to carry on looking forward to the days.

As you can see the little growth, these are tomato plants.

Besides tomatoes, gingers, potatoes and even sweet potatoes and onions we planted each one in their pot carefully and watered them all regularly, lead us to some growth.

as you can see we planted potatoes at two different places first one is in water and second is in the soil to measure the difference, we’ll also learn a lot with it

you can see the sprouts coming out

We created organic manure from composed tea waste after we dry it and soaked milk out of it for our little garden.

since we are documenting the growth, We call it little the Home Garden, its fun to do these little projects with innocent minds getting engaged in learning, to look for growth, to take care of something, that grew under the gradient of our eyes.

There’s also a dessert succulent that kids have planted, dessert Succulents come in many shapes, sizes and colors, they does not require too much care as well as they are low in maintenance.

when you grow the vegetables professionally, you’re called the farmer, but if you plan, look, or want a beautiful garden, you’re the gardener. Establishing thing on a smaller scale, in your own place, also makes you the gardener. We got some little gardeners at La. Our garden is not that small but for the time, we only have little vegetables and crops growing. We take proper care to do some cleaning of the area, watering the plants, and cultivating the soil. In the first pictures. Not to forget we got bio-explore area as well and biology team like our little stars of home-garden who learns everyday, let us learn together when you come at LA.

as the process continues, we’ll continue publishing more posts…