The planet of the humans. Ok, maybe not all humans

The planet of the humans. Ok, maybe not all humans

This is a video recording of famed teacher Jane Elliott, describing how the process of creating paper maps is heavily dosed by the motivation to distort reality, depending on the sponsor. In the case of the well known Mercator projection, something that is found as more or less a standard in all textbooks, the commission was actually made, she says, by the Pope of that time, requesting Mercator to create a mapping technique that would lay emphasis on the parts of the world that were then dominated by Christians.

Centuries later, although that is not the case any longer, the mapping technique still gives deceptive amounts of the area of the flat paper drawing to countries that actually are a far smaller, even tiny, fraction of the real area of the planetary surface.

In what manner can an equitable map be drawn that will afford better balance to the real relative proportion of land occupied by different countries, or different peoples? How can it relate to the same areas seen from space, for example?

In what way can it be used to create convenient flat maps, that do not distort the actual shapes or the actual sizes? Can this be transformed into a book compilation, like a school atlas?