The Zebrafish Journey: From Somaiya to Living Academy

A total of 3 Zebrafish were brought to KB’s Living Academy, Pune by Myself, Vatsal and Ayush on 12th April from Somaiya College. The plan was to set up a Zebrafish Tank culture initiate discussion on zebrafish research among the students coming to Living Academy.

We transferred them into a temporary jar till the students come so that with them we can make a tank culture. This is how it looked yesterday night. 12th April 2024. Living Academy, Pune, Video: Abhijeet Singh.

On the morning of 13th April we found 1 Zebrafish dead which we think is because it had an infection towards the tail side. In hurry of saving other fishes we didn’t click photos of dead fish. Sorry for that. After cleaning and adding fesh DC water we let the fishes rest.

By the afternoon of 13th April, Myself Vatsal, Ayush and GN sir got 1 dozen of zebrafish and 1 dozen of guppy fish from the nearby aquarium in 2 separate bags. We cleaned up 2 tanks of ~10 liters volume. One for Zebrafish and another for Guppyfish

So towards the start you’ll see the connection of the aerator. And inside a big tank there are 2 small tanks out of which in 2nd one you’ll see that there are 2 bag which contains the fishes. 13th April 2024, Living Academy, Pune

We are here acclimatizing the fish to a new water. As it was brought from the aquarium. Added a few stones and pebells in the tank. 13th April 2024. Living Academy, Pune, Video: Abhijeet Singh

Here we are transferring the fish. The students are curiously observing vatsal doing the transferring.

This is how it looked when prepared. We put the labels and made a log book.

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Any further updates on Zebrafish from Living Academy? How do you culture Zebrafish?