Three different moina culture technique used by Cubists :26/10/2022

Yesterday (26/10/2022)the discussion was started with @anindita8820 she has been working on moina .In Somiaya college lab ,there is a Aquarium in which moina ,snail ,hydrilla all are growing together .

According to @anindita8820 the set up was not good ,she found some gap in that culture technique

  1. The aeration was not proper .
    2)Number of moina were increasing & decreasing
    3)Issue with the amount of milk providing to moina

This was the Aquarium there in Somia college mumbai .26/10/2022

Later we discussed about the Culture of moina by @_Seema_11 from DHEMPE College Panjim,Goa.

She collected water samples from a pond in Miramar Goa.Out of Three bottles one were brought to college two of them to her home lab .Also observed the moina under microscope and note down the features

According to @_Seema_11
Moina having 2 apical spines and antennules are present but those are absent in Daphnia .

Then move to the Next moina collaboraters @Archita15 @sakshiconsultant2002 they got the moina from @dhanraj.tribhuvan by a workshop conducted in NES Ratnam college .

They are culturing the moinas in a bottle also disscussed about their the Subculture setup .

Also discussed about the sourse of moina in this three different centres .

The source moina from somiaya college @anindita8820 and from NES college @sakshiconsultant2002 @Archita15 were same that is Moina macrocopa JSK1. We report the first barcode identification of water flea species Moina macrocopa
(strain JSK1) from the Indian subcontinent. The strain isolated from a freshwater pond
near Mumbai by collective efforts of CUBE (Collaborative Undergraduate Biology
Education), was morphologically characterized as Moina species.


Can we write what are difficulties in culturing moina found by cubists like @Archita15 or @sakshiconsultant2002