To make a table top “Area calculator”

Hello everyone,
We are trying to make a table top “Area calculator” with table top surface area 16 cm x 16cm.
This will be having a digital output on 16 x 2 LCD display panel connected to Arduino Uno board.
The aim is to build a sensor mechanism to measure any unknown area of a flat object placed on
this surface.

If anyone is interested in this project or done such type of project of area and perimeter
calculation can suggest us best possible way to complete this task.
We will keep posting our progress on project.

The picture attached below gives an idea of how it could be done: Sensors / mechanical pins .
If sensors, which sensors? If Mechanical pins, what can be the design?

We are still on the drawing board, so we seek ideas from anyone.
Though the problem can be solved through a camera and write a program,
we would like to find a way to do it without a camera.


Check out the “MATHABLE” project by my friend Gunjan Chowdhary aka MadHermit.

You can also see him on an upcoming episode of “THE INVENTORS CHALLENGE” on Colors Infinity TV.

Mathable is “A portable arm which can be attached to any table to make it a smart one. Equipped with a camera and a projector it will read positions of black pegs (pixels) and project back the connecting lines and all related attributes (lengths, intersection angles, enclosed shape - perimeter, area etc.) which would update dynamically as pixels are added”
He’s using a cheap webcam and Raspberry Pi for the hardware. Rest all is done in Processing / OpenCV.

Git repo :

Let me know if this is interesting, and I can put you in touch with him over Whatsapp/Telegram. He’s looking for help with the SW/Code to make it better.


Thanks for replying on this. This will really help us to build our area calculator. Using camera is a really great idea. Also, Thanks for sharing Git repo. This will help lot.
I will also check his upcoming episode.

I will start working on this and will share our progress.

Seems a Cool Idea ! Can u explain the codes , the language of it ? and explain more its content in the code editor