Today we are going to make a BASIC IOT PROJECT

Today we are going to make a BASIC IOT PROJECT

This project is about making a humidity sensor and a temperature sensor and connect it to the IOT


Great project!!
How are you going to make this?
What are your plans?
Where can we use these sensors? Like for what purposes we can use these sensors?
Any plans as such?

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That’s great @Rohit! Which temp-humidity sensor you are using? Is it DHT series or BM280 or LM35?


@ravi31 Sir

What is this :point_down:??

As I am not familiar with these, but curious to know!


Sure! So, we have different types of sensors available for measuring various parameters. Here we are interested in humidity and temperature measurement. So, we get some sensors which measure just temperature whereas others which are capable of measuring multiple parameters. Bird eye summary is below

Sensor Parameters
LM35 temperature
DHT11, DHT22 temperature,humidity
BME280 temperature, pressure, humidity

More details can be found in the links below:

@jtd @Ashish_Pardeshi Can you give some examples where these are used and what factors affect the choice of sensors?



There might be such sensors in research labs or at college labs…right?
Haven’t seen any…!!


Drop in at 108 or 121. You can see many many sensors there.


Humidity sensors are used in Airconditioners, green houses, instruments, fridge, etc.
Temperature sensors are used in digital thermometers, mobiles, server rooms, acs, fridges, etc.
Pressure sensors are used in automobile tyres, compressors, some altitude measurement devices.

Some of the factors in random order
Dimensions, form factor ie physical shape, operating power and voltage, costs, operating temperature, measurement range ie minimum-maximum, measurement rate number of readings per unit time, type of interface, accuracy, availability, lead times, vendor support etc.

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Sure sir…
Will come by :+1:

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One very important factor is calibration. Some sensors are factory calibrated and hence eliminate the task of calibration.
However factory calibration might be over a range that is larger than our intended range of measurement. If we have the necessary calibration tools we might use an uncalibrated device or one which allows the factory calibration to be more finely tuned.

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