Touch screen pen(stylus pens)

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Hey, I tried to make a touch screen pen at home using copper wire, plastic pen, earbud but it does not properly work I tried it many times, are you guys having any suggestions or ideas about it.



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Can you elaborate on the steps that were followed in making this pen that could be used as an alternative to expensive stylus pens?
Perhaps it’ll be clear and understandable to all.
We can find out where you went wrong.

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I used a plastic pen, copper wire, and earbud to make this, First I made a hole in the plastic pen and then inserted the copper wire inside the plastic pen with the help of a hole. Put an earbud on the front part of the pen and wrapped the copper wire on it, then before touching the screen I applied some water to the earbud.

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Oh I see!
Do you think of any improvisations to make this stylus pen work out?

I think, you should use a rectangular piece of Aluminium foil as a replacement of copper wire. A copper wire may not serve the purpose because of the less surface area that it offers.

Screenshot (40)

This should help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yaa, of course, it’s really very helpful, i will try this and if you have any other idea to do something new, which i can do easily at home then please tell me.

Thanks for reply. :grinning:

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Yes! I’d suggest that you should tinker with Mobile Microscopy! It is indeed helpful and you can screen alot of minute things that you are curious about.
Have a look at this thread to get insights on what I am talking about.

About the current setup, keep us updated here with the happenings and the results that you come up with and also ping if you are stuck somewhere, as you did earlier!
Good luck!

Which screen are you using this stylus on?

I am using this stylus on a mobile screen for drawing on a whiteboard (Google Jamboard).

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Can’t a bar magnet carved like a pen be used as stylus? Magnet also works on touchscreen of smart devices.

Oh, I was unaware of this fact!

But I reckon that magnet may have an adverse effect on the mobile phone as the hardware mostly consists of metal. Well, this is just my assumption.

This is what I came across.

'While your screen or data isn’t threatened by magnets, your phone’s compass is. Magnets can affect the internal magnetic sensors located inside the smartphone and may even slightly magnetise some of the steel inside your phone. This magnetisation could then interfere with the compass on your phone.

Don’t use the compass app? This still could affect your phone. Some GPS apps, such as Google Maps, rely on the compass to determine your location. Other apps, specifically game apps, also rely on compass readings. If your compass becomes corrupt, these apps could become nearly impossible to use.’

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