Turbidity Measurement

Turbidity Measurement

In a effort to at furthering the endeavour of creating a computer Model of Moina cultures I wanted to move on to turbidity measurement for Moina cultures. I remember @jaikishan telling me that we already have made a turbidimeter at CUBE.

@jtd Sir please respond to this list of points
  • I would like to confirm that @jtd and also please give some info on it’s workings.

  • I would also like to know how much does it costs to make one?

I have a alternative way of measuring turbidity myself so if what we have made isn’t as easy to replicate we can use my method.

  • I would also like to know what is the least count of your measuring device?

  • Does it rely on human perception or is it fully autonomous?

My alternative method for turbidity measurement ( Hypothesis Only )

The process I am talking about is very similar to that of doing colorimeter measurement. I would also like to tell that it is more of a hypothesis than a well tested theory.

  1. We use a control of known turbidity and measure luminescence in percentage.

  2. We also know that for 0 turbidity the luminance will be same as it is without a sample (i. E. The luminance measured of the empty container.)

  3. We then plot a graph of these two points and measure luminance for our sample.

  4. We predict it’s turbidity using the graph.

Note: All luminisance measurements will be taken by keeping light source at one end of the sample and the mobile at the other end.

References:Nephlerometry and turbidimetry

Colourimeter app: color picker

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I am not at HBCSE today. Will provide the info tomorrow.

@jtd Sir didn’t received any updates from you. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

The best is to visit our makerspace and use the turbidity sensor we have and fabricate the device. Would that work for you?

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I have visited and seen the turbidity meter at CUBE. As I get some free time on my hand I will start working on the device.

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@pratittodkar Please update us with your Moina cultures!!
Whether they are there or they have vanished??!!

We could look for the gaps and discuss on the same for filling them out!

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@drishtantmkawale the cultures have vanished long back I wrote about it on the WhatsApp group. I haven’t had time to replenish the culture though. Infact I haven’t been involved in any activity since like a month or maybe a bit less. I am currently busy with studies and assignments and so on so I haven’t had time. I will start being a bit more active once I get some free time on my hands.

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