turtleArt for everyone - cohort 1

turtleArt for everyone

We are inviting application for the first cohort of educators/students who are keen to explore turtleArt learning environment and integrate it in their classroom practice.

turtleArt is a great way to explore mathematical and programming concepts embedded in art-making centered context. It is inspired by LOGO, which is an educational programming language, designed by Papert et al. as a constructionist learning environment.

Here is the tentative outline:

Week 1

  • understanding turtleBlock platform

  • Exploring polygons I - variables, loops, conditional statements etc

Week 2

  • Exploring polygons II - nested loops

  • art related coding challenges

Week 3

  • Recursion

  • Generative Art

The module will be done in a blended mode in which we will have two one-hour-long live sessions every week follow up by some challenges to attempt asynchronously.


  • Steady internet connectivity

  • Laptop/PC

There will be periodic reflection session along with discussions.

The orientation session will be on 6th June 2020 11:00AM.

Kindly fill the expression of interest form for participation: Expression of Interest


Thanks for filling the form regarding the turtleArt sessions. We will be meeting tomorrow at 11 am for the brief orientation session. We will also finalize the common day/time for the sessions the following week.

Here is the link to join: turtleArt studio

Kindly register on metastudio.org and follow the thread
turtleArt for everyone

In case, you haven’t filled the form yet, kindly do so. It helps us to better understand the participants and plan accordingly.


Hi all

The sessions will be done in blended mode and we will be meeting twice every week for discussions on Tuesday and Thursday between 3-4 pm.

Even if you couldn’t join orientation, do try to join from the 1st session on Tuesday.

Kindly have a look at the below threads to explore more: