Two day seminar at St Peter's College, Kolenchery

Two day seminar at St Peter's College, Kolenchery
“Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world”. The butterfly effect is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of the sensitive interdependence between all living things.

The recent floods along with other environmental factors immediately effect the lower group of flora and fauna which play a very important role in the conservation of nature and maintenance of the food chain.

Day - 1


Left to right —> Dr Shaju Varghese (Principal), Dr C.T Aravindakumar (Pro Vice Chancellor, MG University), Dr Jagganadh V (HOD of Dept. of Zoology) and Dr Abraham (HOD of Dept. of Botany).

Myself hosting the event

Dr S Bijoy Nandan, professor and HOD of Marine biology, microbiology and biochemistry, School of Marine Sciences, CUSAT, speaking on the ecological perspective of the recent Kerala floods. He brought minute details into limelight and also reminded us that floods are not alien to a peninsular state such as Kerala.

Dr VB Sreekumar, esteemed scientist of the Kerala Forest Research Institute speaking on the Impact of flood on floral elements and soil, and the need for site specific river rejuvenation programs.

Dr MP Sujatha, Senior Principal Scientist, Head of department of soil science, Kerala Forest Research Institute speaking on soil health assessment in the post flood scenario.

Day - 2


Dr Amitah Bachan, ecologist and assistant professor at Asmabi college, Kodungaloor and Dr Jagganath discussing on the eco restoration principle and practice in flood impact areas.

Interactive session between Dr Arun and PhD students

Dr T.V Sajeev (principal scientist, department of entomology, Kerala Forest Research Institute) speaking on science in the time of Climate change.

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What was controversial or even against the thinking of common man’s inferences that emerged during the presentations of these eminent scientists? @Akshitha

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What is the common person’s simplistic version of flood ?
What is the educated person’s version?
What is the experts’ version?