Unable to create "Intermediate" activity

Unable to create "Intermediate" activity

I am unable to create Intermediate level activity. “category” pane has no Intermediate option.
However I can create Tertiary level activity.

Editing the already created tertiary activity, “category” pane has no option to set it to intermediate. The pane however displays all other options (Home, site feedback, blogs, Stem chat, Basic, secondary, tertiary, advanced, expert, wiki, staff, lounge, events).

I uploaded a screenshot, which did not showup in preview. I assumed it will upload nonetheless. It does not seem to have uploaded the image. No error messages were displayed.

Browser Firefox Quantum 67.0.2.

Can you try now. I have added an additional rule saying those who are regular users can create.

Still the same,.
Cannot create new intermediate topic.
Cannot edit tertiary to intermediate.

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It still does not work. Tried a few times, just now.

Please fix the “intermediate” issue. Also add keywords LTM and m-LEAD and mathematics.

LTM and m-LEAD are esoteric. Not popular terms. Tags are keywords, so can we do ‘math-talk’. Similarly can you suggest for m-LEAD?

NO. The tags are used by me primarily to identify my own posts. The actual title always follows the topic code/tag. People will get used to such cryptic tags sooner than we think. Suggest we continue with these tags.