Understanding Mango Flower Development in context of Mango Mapping

From experience of @Theertha she has seen mango flowering in Kozhikode (11.2588° N, 75.7804° E) Thiruvanantapuram (8.5241° N, 76.9366° E) in Kerala but so far in Mumbai (19.0760° N, 72.8777° E) flowering has not started.
Why there is difference between Mumbai and Kozhikode in flowering?
How does Latitude affect flowering?
We had discussion on how long does a Mango tree take to give fruits from flowers? @Vicky shared that it takes 3-4 months to get fruits from Mango flowers. Can we say when fruiting will start in Kerala, other places will still have flowers only? Can we say flowering has to do something with genes? We discussed there is something called as ABC model of flower development. ABC model of flower development is a set of genes which are arranged in sequence and are homeotic genes, they are special genes involved in organization of development of anatomical structures.
We are getting fresh data from this season to understand biology of flowering…