Mentoring is an essential part in the life of a student…whether they be in schools or colleges.
Why do we need mentors??
Or why should we mentor??
Or how do we mentor students??

Make students better mentors or leaders by enabling them to relate to different kinds of people and their opinions.
Quality mentoring greatly encourages and motivates students!!

CUBE has mentors and many cubists who are being mentored.
Who are these mentors in CUBE?? :thinking:

Fresh cubists come to CUBE for the first time.
They are mentored by cubists who have already been there for some time…
These cubists who might be having just a week or may be a month experience would be the mentors for these fresh cubists!!
So here both are being trained equally.
Its just that the mentor has a bit more experience.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that we cant completely rely on these mentors.
At the same time, these mentors are not supposed to tell everything to the fresh cubists but the basic information must be shared…
Why is it that the mentors should not tell everything to the fresh students??
Giving every information to these cubists or students would be like spoon feeding which is more or less what happens in our classrooms!!

Then what is different or unique in CUBE??
CUBE itself is Collaboratively Understanding Biological Education!!
Which means the person who is mentoring and the person being mentored is in the process of learning.
Never rely on your mentor or each other :shushing_face:
But then try to find out why is it??? what evidences do we have if we are questioned??? Do we have references to give evidences??
Mentors should guide the fresh cubists in what they have to do…and let them or make them do everything so that they also get a practice or the practical knowledge required!!!

Allow them to address different questions and find answers to it on their own and then discuss it with everyone!!

This is how mentoring should be done.
Learn things through your own experiences and self gained knowledge.
But then dont keep this knowledge with yourself.
Share it with everyone :+1:

@Mandar and many others…

  1. Mentoring in CUBE is by self discovery method, we dont have to break the thought process of the student but simply guide him with minimal inputs that he asks leaving the rest for her/him to find out through questions which help them answer their own statements and hence thoughts.
  2. This is a very difficult method of mentoring as it needs patience and more importantly a great deal of respect for people,here there are no bright and weak learners all are simply thinkers ,who can think in different ways provided there is evidence for their statements.
  3. Dr Arunan who regularly engages with us by this method besides other mentors has helped bring out the researcher in us.
  4. *Most importantly mentors are humble and not only accept but welcome it if the new student proves them wrong scientifically.
    Thank you CUBE
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