Unveiling Cubist Interpretations: What Caused Butterflies to Master the Art of Mimicry?

Did you find anything interesting in the following collage !

A question raised in yesterday’s Chatshaala that "How do Blue moon butterfly’s male and female are so different !!!

Later @Shraddha276 made a interesting story out of that .

This was the beautiful story described by @⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩.

Indeed! That was a good story, @⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩ .

Could you please share it once more, @⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩?

Twenty years ago, there were Great Eggfly /Blue moon butterflies: both male and female looked alike.

Later, the female butterfly underwent a mutation, and after a period of time, the male and female butterflies looked dissimilar. @⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩, could you describe more about that!? ⁦@~Dhanraj⁩ ⁦@⁨gangakr⁩ ⁦@⁨shalinisharma⁩ ⁦@⁨Kiran CUBE⁩ and others.

Context of mimicry in Butterflies .

Celebration of Goof-ups: Summary of today’s (20/09/2023)Chatshaala.

One year ago, on 29/09/2022, I found two caterpillars on a plant and observed their lifecycle. However, I am unable to identify the plant, despite being a Botany student :orangutan::neutral_face:. I just observed the lifecycle and identified the butterfly as the Great Eggfly and the plant as Ruellia prostata, then left it.

But this year, on 14/09/2023, I found the same caterpillar on the same plant (which was in the pupal stage today).I retake those observation from my archive and I *came to know that Great eggfly female mimicking the female of common crow .That made me to think and search for the previous year observations & I made this post .

Mimicry in Butterflies

@⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩ made an interesting story from her side that made us to go back to 20 years.

How butterflies are mimicking !

What actually mimicry stands for ! Does the sex determination in butterflies are started from the zygote (female layed eggs on plant leaves ) or in the pupal stage ??

@⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩ @⁨shalinisharma⁩ @⁨~gangakr⁩ @⁨~Lakshmy⁩ @⁨Kiran CUBE⁩ @⁨~Dhanraj⁩ &others.

CUBE modelsystems are always open a door to Our curriculum topics ,make that topic intersting and Beautiful

@⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩ Mentioned about Mutation !How can we correlate that to the mutation that we learned in curriculum topics !?

What actually sickel cell anemia is !?How mutation is happening there @⁨~Dhanraj⁩ @⁨~gangakr⁩ @⁨Shraddha CUBE⁩ @⁨Kiran CUBE⁩ @⁨~Divya darshini⁩ @⁨~Har Har Mahadev🖤⁩ @⁨Abhijeet CUBE⁩ @⁨Aditya Joshi⁩ & all others.

Reference shared :

The crow butterfly is a poisonous butterfly.They are poisonous due to feeding on milkweeds and other toxic plants as caterpillars. Euploea - Wikipedia.

By looking at the crow butterfly and blue moon butterfly wing pattern, it is understandable that they show some similarity. Like a blackish colour wing with white patches on the outer margin of both the forewing and hind wing.
So the female blue moon butterfly mimics the crow butterfly in order to escape from the predators.

Highlights of CUBE Context to curriculum whats app group discussion .

Post made by Ganga

When I scrolled through my phone I got picture of this butterfly which I was took in 2020. Is this a Blue moon butterfly which @⁨Theertha⁩ referring.

2)Reply by Theertha

Photo taken from :
1)Common crow
2)Blue moon

@⁨~gangakr⁩ what do you think now !? which butterfly shows similarity with the collage !?

Ganga ;

Patterns are same as the Blue moon female.

Let’s continue the discussion on "how do Blue moon female evolved with different wing pattern ".

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