Virus in my PC

My PC has been affected by an virus and I am getting fake pop ups saying your system alert from chrome when clicking on it. It takes me to an fake website saying your mcafee subscription has expired even when I don’t have mcafee and asks me for my payment details. I immediately closed chrome, ran a security scan by windows defender and removed the threat but it comes again and again after removing it for 3 times and restarting my system. I have disconnected my WiFi and signed out. Is it safe to work on my PC now? Can I go back online? What to do Next? Please help

Do you have any antivirus software installed on your machine?

The popups may appear because the notifications for that particular thing must have been turned on.
Apart from this, is your system running slow or showing any symptoms that hint towards a virus attack?
I mean we don’t really know what could it be, so it would be better to figure out.

No I don’t have any paid antivirus. Windows defender is showing an virus and after uninstalling chrome also it is popping up notifications with the name of chrome

For “Software Freedom” use GNU/Linux :wink:

Jokes aside, The pop up is just due to change in homepage probably.

To be sure scan your full system with Webroot (you can get a trial)
This is one of the most lightweight and fast antivirus.

Thank you so much I tried it and worked now everything is good. Thanks a ton