Wasp Nest at DDUC, Delhi

Wasp Nest at DDUC, Delhi

Have a look at this intricate structure!
Anyone can explain what are those white balloon like structures?


Interesting !

How do we know its wasp Nest? a close capture of the wasp to identify it would be better.

Balloon like structures are the eggs but do look at the shape of the each compartment and compartmental boundary of wasp nest are they similar does they show any change from the compartment shape as of bee, why or how the wasp make a particular pattern of the compartment? @Rohan @Abhishek_Cube @G_N @Arunan @arun

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How do Wasp and Bee nest differ in structure and function?

Also here we can ask more general questions as how do bees and wasps differ in general! Do they differ in their social organisation? and does it reflect in their nest organisation!.

What about hornets?
Social spiders?
Are there other community living insects that build living structures?


That’s an interesting question. This sort of nest contains numerous cells. Cells are created to perform 2 functions

  1. Storage: Food, typically in the form of “honey”.
  2. Brood cells: Cells that contain a larva, which is fed and will then metamorph in to the adult insect.
    When a cell has been filled with food or when a cell has an egg in it, the mouth is typically closed off with wax. The white balloon like structures are the caps on the cells.
    Both bees and wasps have nests like this and judging by the length of the antennae I would guess these are wasps. But please try to get a better image while also being safe.