Water sample study (biodiversity of our school)

Water sample study (biodiversity of our school)

so in this we collected three kinds of dirty water present in our school.
then we added two drops of milk in the water to enrich itr

Why we are searching different places of the campus to collect water samples?

To learn about different soils in our school and discover the biodiversity


What do we observe in these three kinds of dirty water

What all experiments can we do with these

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what do you mean by dirty water? please mention the source from where you took? what do you think can be present in that and what could be the reason and do share your results with all of us…
Here are some pictures of organism that I found from pagalopos sample…

These are the pictures of bdelloid rotifers…under 100x

These are nematodes pic under magnification of 450x and 100x respectively try to see and locate the mouth part and the bulb in the middle part of the body

Ciliate like moving organisms under 100x and many more

read the NEMATODE BLOG https://stemgames.metastudio.org/t/nematodes-yet-to-answer-a-plethora-of-question/404/20 to get to know something very interesting and something new…

hope this will help you to identify many of the species in dirty water…:slight_smile:

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nice post. its detailed and has photos to support your info