Weather Station Hosting Workshop IISER Pune


I have got opportunity to participate in four days workshop on How to Setup Weather station organize by IISER Pune . I have participated on behalf of Bhavatal Pune , we are total six people associated with Bhavatl along with Bhavatal fonder Abhijit Ghorpade participating in this workshop.

The workshop started with encouraging and positive word from Prof. Nagarjun, all the team conducting this workshop is very helpful .

First two days were very interesting because of interactive nature of this workshop. with practical hands on. Another week end to go to complete this workshop. Learn
new things and became nostalgic going back remembering days spend in college electronics lab.

With more collaborative efforts hope we can take wondaful concept of establishing weather station to local village/tehsil level.

Just one suggestion it would have been more helpful if at the start of the workshop or before some documentation along with list of activities/topics to be covered in this work shop .

Eagerly looking forward to join remaining two days on coming week end.


There were problems using battery, with the esp32 failing to connect to wifi network. Probable reason is the LDO. Mic5209 has a max draw of 500mA. Esp32 draws 600mA at 100ms interval for a duration of 500us. Using a higher value cap on the ldo output might help.
A more permanent solution is to change the LDO to a 1A device.
However a 1A ldo will have a dropout of approx 500mv. When battery voltage drops below 3.8 v the circuit is likely to malfunction. It also means that we will be using less than half the battery capacity.
The better solution would be to use a battery bank module instead of the charger module. The battery bank module has a switching regulator and provides 5v at 1A until battery is fully discharged. It has built on uv/ov/oc protection.


We shall collaboratively create the documentation in this link. All of you can click on this link to edit.


The link to get the Gerber files to help fabricate PCBs for the Micro Weather Station. PCB fabricators will ask for the Gerber files. Gerber_PCB_Solar Powered WiFi Weather - Google Drive


Its my pleasure to get opportunity to attend four days work shop organized by IISER Pune. When I came to know about this work shop one month back I was little sceptical and apprehensive about technical aspects and how is it possible to setup weather station on your own ? Is it economically viable. ?

But this workshop has not helped me in getting address initial doubts in my mind but given opportunity to interact with various people including IISER students with different background . Since my electronics background it was easier to understand the technical aspects of different things needs to be done while setting up weather station. Technical aspect is one thing but it is subject having wide reach impacting social, economical, political issues and todays buzz word climate change.

The weather is important subject influencing every aspect of different walks of life. We are so much dependent upon government agencies to know about weather conditions but it is very nice idea to setup weather station on your own and have more localize information of weather in your vicinity .

Its very nice and wonderful initiative to empowered people with data and information by the way of community science.
Its long way to go and will be great full if able to contribute with my limited capabilities in efforts to promote community science.

I take this opportunity to thanks ISSER Pune team from bottom of my heart for excellent arrangements made for people travelling from outside Pune and organizing this workshop. Also thanks to Peof. Nagarjun and all resource persons and mentors for this wonderful and memorable workshop. At last but not least thanks to Abhijit Ghorpade for giving me this opportunity to represent Bhavatal for this workshop

Looking forward to move forward

Thanks and Regards

Abhijit Kulkarni