Weather Station Making Workshop Experience

My Experience

My name is Vikram Jirgale, I attended the Weather Station Making Workshop the last weekend. It is a 4-day initiative by IISER Pune. The workshop includes full assembly of a DIY weather station and cloud-based dashboard to monitor and visualize the data collected by the station.
It was quite a lot of fun to play with the sensors and other electronic components and then assemble all the components together to make an early prototype.

The station includes an ESP-32 board as the main microcontroller, BME-280(Pressure and Humidity sensor), GY-30(Light intensity sensor) and Hall effect sensor-based Anemometer, Windvane and Rain gauge.

The workshop is a lot of fun as it takes a very hands-on approach and lets you explore the capabilities of the hardware in detail. The organizers are well versed in electronics and helped us to solve almost all the queries we encountered. The workshop also enabled me to think of the wide array of applications of electronics to solve problems in the scientific field.

The data gathered will help us to monitor weather patterns in more detail and help to build a powerful mesh of micro weather stations. I hope to be a part of many such activities in the future as well.

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Good You were great help during workshop

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Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you.