Webpages : A Simple yet Cool Thing

Hello Everyone ! Your friend Navtej Here , Today Back with another tutorial , Yeah u guessed Right , " Webpages "

Today i will be Using A Programming Language “HTML” To code a Webpage . If u don’t know about Coding and all that You can check this Presentation I made . https://sskapurthala-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/p/2027_7939/EcNt1RQ4B7FLjrgIk1OkLQoBMkvfMvQ9M_blVLkwGOxSvA . This Presentation will help u with all the basics . So the Codes are :


These are the codes . You can Put extra Things such as Images , Videos , Links etc. Between the Body Tags .
You can also Give Your Webpage A name , just Put the name you want between The Title Tags . Now if u want to write and run these codes , You can just use Your Laptop’s Notepad, TextEdit For Mac Os . In these Softwares , U can Write as many codes as u want . While saving , Don’t Forget to Give Extension , { .htm , .html } . Then save it and There will be chrome logo on it , click on it , Congratulations , There is the New Webpage You just Coded .

Thank You for reading my Research :face_with_monocle: , Have a Nice Day


If u Are questioning What Are Tags ???

Here is the answer ,

In HTML , There are 2 types of tags

Container Tag : The container tags are tags that have some content between their opening and closing tags . Some examples are the <html> , <head> , and <body> tags.

Empty Tag : These elements are called empty or void and only have a start tag since they can’t have any content.

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nice post for everyone those who dont know how to make a webpage they can make from here

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