What is CUBE ? Is it an acronym?

What is CUBE ? Is it an acronym?

What is this CUBE which is mentioned (in Capitals) in many posts ? Pls. add the expansion or a hyperlink to the explanation page.

CUBE expands to Collaboratively Understanding Biology Education, a program running in a COOOL mode for the last 7 years, which inspired us to create STEMGames, beyond biology.


CUBE is an initiative of the Gnowledge Lab of HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education), a national centre of TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research).

In CUBE program we practice “science as a culture”. CUBE’s primary objective is to learn and practice science as a culture through working on model organisms that begin from simple curiosities to connecting with fronteir research questions.

It is an alternative paradigm of science education to expand the participatory base of science in the country.

CUBE engages students from KG to PG with activities, experiments, field work, meetings, presentations, online discussions etc. to inculcate science as a culture, an ongoing close-to-life practice.

CUBE is an inclusive program open to all irrespective of your background, experience, graduation or grades. It is best captured by one of our slogans: "Weak, Meek and Geek all are Welcome!"

We believe in Obaid Siddiqi’s inspiring thought: "Sophistication is required in the mind, not in the laboratories". Therefore, CUBE lab is a frugal lab for doing science.


But, it is always a good idea to expand all such coined acronyms , for the benefit of all. Maybe a short writeup should be made and kept in a visible place.

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Saw this site just now. Maybe you should make it much more visible, and add links to it whenever you use the term CUBE in this sense.

For people like me a cube is one of the platonic solids described in https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Platonic_solid

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@jaikishan can you please visit some of the pages that refer to CUBE, and make that a hyperlink, pointing to this What is CUBE ? Is it an acronym?

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Yes I will add this link as hyperlink wherever we have activities related to cube

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