What is the fault in this design of experiment to catch fruit flies?

What is the fault in this design of experiment to catch fruit flies?

Fault in the design is…

  1. Keeping all three bottles at the same place that too beside a very clean dustbin
  2. Tomato used were fresh and they were not full ripe but kinda soft and red from one side and little yellowish at other side as u can see in the bottle
  3. Fruit flies are attracted to fermenting fruits so… Should have used something that was stinks a bit like rotten tomato or banana etc
  4. Should have kept these bottles at different place to trap flies

Design for this experiment was…
Aim: To trap native fruit flies from Bandra, Mumbai

Objective: To trap fruit flies using Tomato (You can try with any fruit, curd, butter milk & vinegar too)

Research question: How to trap fruit flies at home

Hypothesis: Would get approximately 20 flies in 3 bait bottles

Materials - 3 empty bottles (for bait), 1 empty bottle (for transferring to media), tomato (or any other fruit),


  1. Put pieces of tomato in 3 empty bottles
  2. keep these 3 bottles near the dustbin
  3. Cover the mouth of the bottle when you see many fruitflies
  4. transfer the fruitflies in an empty bottle
  5. now transfer the fruitflies from empty bottle to the media bottle

Precaution: be careful while transferring the fruitflies as they might fly away

Design: Check the bottles 2 hours after keeping near the dustbin

Expectations: there would be at least 5 fruitflies in each bait bottle


Observation: Got no flies first day and only 2 flies on second day

Will work on the design and try to improve it!