What should we feed to our zebrafish!?

:sparkles: We started discussion with Nandini from Nellore, as she is working on zebrafish
:sparkles: Nandini uses Artemia to feed zebrafish, here artemia grows and live in salt water. Where as Zebrafish is fresh water organism
:sparkles: So before feeding we have to take the artemia cyst and add 1lit. tap water and a spoon of salt in it
:sparkles: After 24hrs larve of artemia would be seen so we can wash and feed it to zebrafish
:sparkles: But rather than doing this, can’t we use other fresh water organism like moina Or daphnia?
:sparkles: What would zebrafish will be eating in natural fresh water body like river?
:sparkles: How do we get moina in Nellore?
:sparkles: Then sakshi explained how she cultures moina by using 250ml plastic bottles
:sparkles: With 200ml of DC water and 1 drop of milk everyday with help of dropper
:sparkles: When we add milk, bacteria in the water feed on the milk and multiple, then moina feeds on those bacteria
:sparkles: Where if we take 5 moina today then after 3 days we will get 15 moina in the bottle

:sparkles: What would happen if we add more milk in the culture?
:sparkles: As amount if milk increase⬆, Bacteria will also increase⬆ and as Bacteria uses more oxygen, amount of oxygen in watter will decrease⬇️
:sparkles: So here Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is more as oxygen is less so to get as much as oxygen it can, moina will produce more hemoglobin
:sparkles: Therefore moina will turn red in presence of hemoglobin due to more milk, bacteria and less oxygen
:sparkles: So here CUBist study about Epigenetics to know if this red color of moina will pass on from mother to offspring
:sparkles: So is it possible?
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Reference shared during chatshaala discussion :point_down:t2:
For example, having a mutation in the BRCA1 gene that prevents it from working properly makes you more likely to get breast and other cancers.