What Taste Do Earthworms Like?

What Taste Do Earthworms Like?

Taste Preference Test in Earthworms! Simple Design & Frontier Research Questions!
Design of experiment to test is earthworm is repelled by NaCl at NMS,Jaipur during STEM Game workshop.


is it really the taste or the ability to detect the high concentration of salt at the sides of the body… @Arunan

As I was reading a paper which states that To confirm the significance of the ventral nerve cord in the control of locomotion, an assay using a gustatory repellant was set up. Sodium chloride has
been tested with various organisms such as Drosophila and C. elegans to record a chemosensory response. Salinity tests to check adaptability as well as survival rates to Sodium Chloride have been
performed in Eisenia fetida. Tactile impulses to NaCl on nerve cord of earthworm have been recorded and an observation that a concentration from 200 mM to 1000 mM shows greater electrical
simulation to touch responses has been made

SO is it the taste which has gustatory receptor or is it the tactile receptors present in the body…

Reference: 123456.pdf (936.0 KB)


Chemosensory mechanism: taste & smell?

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