When I connect BlueNRG GUI to STM board(B-L475E-IOT01A) for communicate with BLE module(SPBTLE-RF) but it gives me error which is no device detected. another window open it shows error as no firmware detected on motherboard

At first I go to STM32 CubeIDE → project_name.ioc file → software package → select component → package name ->STMicroelectronics.X-CUBE-BLE1 ->Wireless BlueNRG-MS & At application I select Virtual COMPort then Configure the SPI pins and upload it on STM board.

Now I open the BlueNRG GUI ,set the Baud Rate as “115200”.

After selecting the COMPort ->click open option → tools → stack update ->HW version->BlueNRG-MS → select image file in the folder “BlueNRG_MS_Stack” → select the .img file → open it → select update option ,while updating the process it stuck at 6% and gives error window with no specific comments.

After that when I open the GUI it shows the error “no device detected”.

another window open it shows error as “no firmware detected on motherboard”.

Waiting for your positive approach ,please help in solving this issue. @jtd @Ashish_Pardeshi @Anool

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Is this on windows? <Mandatory filler for 20 char min limit>