Which is the butterfly hovering around Ixora plant? Are Butterflies Taxonomists?

The size of the corola of the flower and the siphon of the butterfly have some corelation was explained by @gangakr @04872621705 explained that in case of Common mormon they are attracted to larger flowers. In case of Ixora it is a larger flower, and the siphon of the butterfly needs to insert its siphon in the flower.
@Abhi0703 asked which can be the butterfly hovering over Ixora plant in the video he took.

This is the video taken by @Abhi0703 of the butterfly from Somaiya college campus.

@Abhi0703 guessed it is Common mormon but it has red/orange spots whereas Common mormon has black and white patches on its wings.
Other aspect was to identify butterfly by the plant/flower on which they are hovering.
The question was asked if this butterfly also goes and sits on Curry leaf plant then it would be confirmed that this butterfly is Common mormon.

Milk weed plants also called as Asclepias are the plants on which butterflies are attracted to.

Are the butterfly taxonomists?
They can identify different plants and flowers?
Looks like butterflies find their host plants in a very specific manner and can be called Taxonomists.


The discussion was focused on Identification of butterflies.

If we are at a distance from a butterfly hovering on a certain plant then how can we make a guess about its identity.

@⁨Theertha CUBE⁩ @⁨~gangakr⁩ discussed that
1st What prominent colors we could see on the wings of butterfly.

2nd @⁨Arunan Sir⁩ sir suggested about the plant it’s hovering upon. If we know the plant then we can know or find out which butterflies could be there.

3rd We discussed 2 things about the plant the butterfly is hovering upon.

There are 2 situations.

  1. If the butterfly is on Flower and
  2. if the butterfly is on the leaf.

If it’s on flower then it might be any other butterfly for the nectar. So we cannot be much sure if their identity.

But the butterfly is on the leaf then it might be there for laying eggs. So we can name more good assumptions on its identity.


Does this mean that butterflies are more specific in choosing the egg-laying plant than the plants/flowers for feeding? Interesting.

Does the size of the butterfly, its mouthparts, etc. also determine which flower they land on? Can all butterflies suck nectar from any flower?

Different butterflies have difference in their mouth parts. So I guess the butterflies who are able to reach the flower nectar will take nectar from that flower?

It will be also interesting if a particular type of butterfly roots for a particular group of flower with similar characteristics like shape of Corolla etc.

Adult butterfly feeding-nectar flower associations: Constraints of taxonomic affiliation, butterfly, and nectar flower morphology

I think this paper will help us continuing this discussion but i am not able to understand and make sense out of it. I will post it in con text to curriculum group