Whitefly and Aphids, Can they damage plants?

Today we discussed that Phyllanthus is getting infected with Whiteflies. @Ichha also found that aphids as well whiteflies come on Phyllanthus plant. The Phyllanthus died, so the question came are we sure if whitefly orr aphids damage Phyllanthus plant? Following are the pictures of Aphids as well as Whitefly.
Still we dont know if they damage Phyllanthus or other home plants such as Ajwain plant.
We need evidence to convince ourselves as well as parents to be comfortable that Home plants will not get damaged by Whitefly model system.



Further we also screened Jove video on how Evolution can take place with the help of Whitefly mediated transfer of plant viruses.
Here is the Jove video link: Transmitting Plant Viruses Using Whiteflies l Protocol Preview - YouTube

The horizontal gene transfer takes place from whitefly to plant and helps in evolution.

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Mentioned below are the references shared during discussion

Transmitting Plant Viruses Using Whiteflies

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