Why do cats act so weird? - Tony Buffington

4th August 2021
Navi mumbai ,Maharashtra
Breed(persian cat)
Age-6 months
Two cats (white and black)
Name-snowbell (male)
Eye color-blue
Name -bella (female)
Eye color-grey

I have watched cats rubbing their paws on soft mattress often they could do it continuously for long time and I thought they do it because they might like the sensation from it but then again why only their front paws why not their back feet ,but now I know they actually do it on instinct to sharpen their claws …

Few days ago I came across this video where they were clarifying the reasons behind weird actions of cats,like pouncing, climbing ,stalking ,purring etc One of the action is very commonly observed in every cats , that is kneading ,they scratch various surfaces, whether be soft or hard its due to their ancestral behavior of hunting, climbing and self defence using their claws, so it’s merely an action of cats to keep their claws sharp and ready for situation where they have to defend themselves and it also helps to reduce some stress.

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