Workshop on STEM Education

Workshop on STEM Education

A workshop on Collaborative Open Online Ongoing STEM Education in a teacher conference being organized by Shaheen group for the teachers of Shaheen group of Institutions by Prof. Nagarjuna G. Of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai. at Bidar Karnataka, on 1st December 2019.

The workshop is an orientation to the online platform for STEM projects and STEM Habits


Bidar is a town of exceptional history, with monuments to commemorate it.

Mausoleum of one of the Bahmani Kings (12c). The town is also home to a technology of metalworking of exceptional character that carries its name.


I mostly remember Bidar with Mahmoud Gawan Madras, once a centre of excellence of international excellence and artful Bidriware of Bidri work.


Great to get an introduction to this unsung art& technology of 15th century.
Let’s discuss more on this in this chat group.

Can some one give information here on where exactly Bidaar is…

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I know I missed a great opportunity, and had no time to see any of Bidar. Will plan another visit soon.

It is located @17.9051296,77.298715,10.81