Worms that eat plastics

Worms that eat plastics

Wax worms eat plastics

(N)ew solutions for plastic degradation are urgently needed. We report the fast bio-degradation of PE by larvae of the wax moth Galleria mellonella , producing ethylene glycol.


Create a vermiculture container/environment in which you can throw common plastics that are then eaten by the resident wax worms. Here is a picture of such a container that can get you started. Rest is up to your research, construction capabilities, and imagination.

Note: the image is from an existing project. Please use the image as an inspiration, and give credit to the original work.


Woahhhh …great @punkish I was thinking about to take this project idea last year in my college but wasn’t allowed to keep these Wax worms :sweat_smile: actually about these Wax worms that these can degrade plastic I got to know for the first time though this site…

And after thinking the first question that came into my mind was do all wax worms degrade plastic?
Soon after a quick Google search I got my answer and it was that ," only two species of waxworm, Galleria mellonella and Plodia interpunctella have both been observed eating and digesting polyethylene plastic . The waxworms metabolize polyethylene plastic films into ethylene glycol, a compound which biodegrades rapidly."

@punkish are you working on this project or are planning to do so ? In CUBE HBCSE too, with your help if anyone else too is interested in this , we can start this project …

Firstly we can see the plastic being degraded :heart_eyes:(never ever seen in my life in reality)
Then we can check the time in which a particular amount of plastic is being degraded.
We can also provide the worms with different kinds of plastics and can see which types of plastics are these worms able to digest.

COOOL post @punkish


Start the project. @punkish is always virtually present via this platform, which is the whole point of creating this platform.

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Let’s start this, where do you get the caterpillars from. And what on earth were these guys feeding on before polythene!!!


Ohhh yeah… another interesting person interested on this topic :yum: @VirenVaz sir could we meet tomorrow in the cube lab and will discuss what to do and how to do ,etc if you are free.


Is waxworm natively available in India?