Write your first code Of Python

Hello everyone ! Today U are going write Your first Python code with me !

Step 1) First of all have Python Compiler , download it from https://www.python.org/

Step 2) Now open any editor , I Use Vs Code

Step 3) Select Language Python

Step 4) A blank page with Steps { 1,2,3,4…} will appear , On that write Your code there In a serial manner

Step 5) Write
print("hello world") [ u can write anything instead of ‘hello world’ ]

Step 6) Check For a Play button Or click on Run , then Run And Debug

Step 7) Your words in the print command will be displayed in a terminal below

Here are the pics for help :

Here , click on download for any version of your choice

This is what Vs Code Looks Like

Click on File and Then New File and Select the Lang.

Then do something like this

Then click on Run , Save the file and u can see the text info. is printed below

That’s how yoou do it

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