Zebra Fish Culturing: Context to understand Meiosis

The process in which 46 chromosomes become 23 chromosomes. This process is called Meiosis. Meiosis occurs in gamete formation, where the number of chromosomes in cells is reduced to half the numbers (in sperm and egg). Further, the 23 chromosomes of sperm fuse with 23 chromosomes of egg forming 46 chromosome in offspring.
The discussion took place in the context of Zebra fish culturing started in college lab. Zebra fish lays eggs, and sperm fuses with it on fertilization to forms zygote followed by embryo. The discussion took place between @Swaha, @Theertha and @Simran

The difference between Mitosis and Meiosis was also discussed, as Mitosis is involved in somatic cell division whereas, Meiosis occurs in germ cells.

The example of Zebra fish culturing provides us the context to learn Mitosis, Meiosis, and reproduction.

@Theertha please share the photos of Zebra Fish embryo, as it will help cubists to observe the embryonic development

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Do 23 chromosomes of eggs fuse with 23 chromosomes of sperm in humans ?
Or gamates (each having 23 chromosomes) fuse with each other during fertilization?

And if chromosomes fuse what makes them not to fuse with each other when they are in either sperm or egg?