Zebrafish as a model for Developmental Biology, Innate Immunity and Cannabilism

Zebrafish group is collaborating from different parts of country, @Lahiri from Nellore, joined online and explained, that the zebrafish has the ability to heal its injury and also regenerate. It can also regenerate back its heart.
The zebrafish can be cultured in tank with food (artemia) and aerator.
The artemia is a salt water living organism which is to be grown in salt, and then cleaned with water.
Zebrafish feed on Artemia.

Students are studying different developmental stages using Zebrafishes.

One of the experiments can be done is to treat embryos of zebra fish into bacterial solution and check the development in comparison with the untreated control. Will the embryo grow slower? will immune system be triggered?

A group is also trying to work on innate immunity in Zebrafish embryos by causing them infections.

Zebrafish also shows cannabilism, hence this phenomenon can also be studied in Zebrafish, as there is no parental instinct in zebrafish to protect their eggs.