BFC Session-12 [Dec 26 2020]

Last week, while chatted about “X made Y”, and reflected on the notion of “agency”. See the post for the summary.

Extending the conversation on “What is being Human?” series, in the last 5 weeks, we will continue our chat live, this Saturday, 26th Dec 2020, from 3-5 pm at webinar

Please share the post widely among and invite your young friends and colleagues.

Previous Session Recordings


This was the last session of the year 2020 :slight_smile: In this video, we continued our conversation on the multitude vs unity about the nature of origin of creation and causes for any effect, in general. In the process, we discussed the notions of agency and non-agential causes (or factors) leading to an effect. Towards the end, we hit at the notions of form/structure and content in shaping our understanding about the nature of reality (as multitude or unity).