BFC Session-20 [Feb 27 2021]

We shall continue our conversations in the barefoot chat, this Saturday, 27th Feb 2021, from 3-4 pm at webinar

Please note we will meet and seek some suggestions on reformatting the BFC as well today.

Please share the post widely among and invite your young friends and colleagues.

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In this video, we begin discussing the philosophy of law and ethics, and explore the dynamics of legal, ethical and political with some examples. Towards the end we arrive at the notion of Gandhian Trusteeship, which we shall delve deeper in the next sessions.

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A wonderful read by Shiv Visvanathan, anchoring these in some real issues and choices that people made. The choice is where space for political gets created!

Something that is very relevant to our legal - ethical - political discussions! See the session discussion from 13:00 mins.

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