BFC Session-15 [Jan 16 2021]

In the last session, we chatted about the nature of life and creation (living vs non-living entities and how they acquire and maintain integrated identities as against an amorphous collection of particles).

Extending the conversation on “What is being Human?” series, in the past weeks, we will continue our chat live, this Saturday, 16th Jan 2021, from 3-5 pm at webinar

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In this video, we touched upon the Hegelian dialecticism, when we reflected on the aspects of balance, and dynamicity of the balance in relation to the identity of entities (e.g. a living thing need to be in dynamic balance with the environment to hold the identity of an organism, and the moment this dynamic balance is lost, it could disintegrate). We also reflected on the identity of inanimate things. And we reflected on the logical, conceptual oppositions. Then reflecting on relativist and categorical perspectives, we reached the basis of experience. Interestingly the conversation converged back to the initial round of discussions on Perception. We would continue aspects of these in the next session.