BFC Session-42 [January 22 2021] Science & Poetry: as modes of description

In the last session, we touched upon the aspects of credibility of idea or knowledge, objectivity of subjectivity, using examples like hunger etc. And we also touched upon the notions of reality being absolute or a product of mind. Please check the recording of the session and the discussion in the thread.

Extending this, we will continue our chat live, this Saturday, 22 Jan 2022, from 3-4 pm at webinar

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We were discussing the philosophical and Scientific aspects of understanding and explaining things. Science tells us about the nature of the material and philosophy conveys how it would be to be that material through comprehension and all and conveys the feeling. Many more things were discussed which I would like others to add on.

DESTINY’ how we comprehend it, (that we will get what we eventually deserve and events will take place exactly how they are destined to) contradicts the very fundamental of how we perceive ‘TIME’.
We understand time to be linear, which means that the Past and Future are the ‘cause and effects’ of Present dimensions.
If we cease to believe in destiny, if I cease to believe in destiny, then for me the Past, Present, Future, and how I distinguish it becomes just an Illusion, for they have to exist SIMULTANEOUSLY.

I wrote this long time :joy: back I think some months and we discussed this as well. For explaining something we need time so as to locate it in space. We explain the transition from Milk turning to curd through time as in milk got converted to curd in 12hrs so that makes the existence of time as a whole interesting!

looking forward to your comments and let’s continue the discussion! @karnamdpdurga and others…

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We discussed various approches of communicating objective and subjective descriptions, touching upon the boundaries of scientific communication, and examined appraoches like poetry.
Please find the recording here.