BFC Session-41 [January 08 2021] Criteria for believing; subjective and and objective knowledge

In the last session, we touched upon the aspects of knowledge and the authority that society assigns to knowledge. Eventually we arrived at reason and collective. Please check the recording of the session and the discussion in the thread.

Extending this, we will continue our chat live, this Saturday, 08 Jan 2022, from 3-4 pm at webinar

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Please find the recording of the session here.

In this session we discussed the the criterion of trusting or believing an idea or knowledge. This led us to reflect on the aspects of subjective and objective knowledge, objectivity of subjectivity, using examples like hunger etc. And we also touched upon the notions of reality being absolute or a product of mind. We have chatted on similar themes earlier like in session 35 and earlier.

We had @Sharvay, @nagarjunag, @Shiv, @Farhan @Abhigyan @sushruth @himanshu_joshi @jaikishan and @karnamdpdurga in the chat session today.

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