Biochemical mystery On Misbah's Earthworm story

Yesterday the discussion was started with the breaking news from @Arunan sir about Hydra survived without being fed for one month.

Earthworm survived one year in Moist tissue paper

we got some connection with earthworm culture of @Misbah ,like* earthworm survived in moist tissue paper for 1 year without changing tissue paper* .

Discussed about earthworm setup ,How the earthworm cupculture was made .was surprised about how these earthworm survived for 1 year without giving external feeds.

Later @Khushi list about the "essential nutrients like Carbohydrates ,lipids,Proteins etc.and compared with the potential sourse nutrients in earthworm cup culture* .

What is the sourse of nutrients gets through tissuepaper !?
:thinking: @Khushi explained that possibly cellulose from plant pulp.

Later we discussed about how these source of carbohydrates break down occuring in our body .
Through glycolysis ,Glucose (6C)converts to Pyruvic acids (6C).

Later Pyruvic acid enter into TCA cycle and produce Oxaloacetic acid (4C)| Citrate (4C)|Isocitrate (6C)|alpha ketoglutarate(5C)|Succinyl CoA|Succinate(4C)|Fumarate(4C)|Malate(4C)|Oxaloacetaye(4C).

The Devil is in the Details*

Listing the TINKE moments .

The intermediates compounds in TCA cycle serve as a precursor for several aminoacid .
eg:Oxalogutarate on GOGAT pathway give rise to Aminoacids .

What could be the sourse of Aminogruop!?
said that non-essential aminoacids in the body could be serve as the sourse of Aminogroup .

Or had comment that there are nitrogen fixing bacterias are present in soli.That could be fixing the atmospheric nitrogen.

Later we came across the hidden devil that we missed in every discussion .

Once @Misbah said that she collected 10 earthworms in the soil ,So in soil earthworm is feeding the soil along with nutrients .

Do earthworm choosy for food !!!

No.They will eat the soil,so there could be a possibility of reaching several bacterias ,Nitrogen compounds ,nutrients etc.

I remember in yesterday’s discussion @Smiti said that the cupculture became dirty after some times .
The reason could be the excreta .Earthworm excreting ammonia .

Also the major thing we missed in every discussion was we forgot about the feeds that present in earthwormgut before puting in to the Cupculture .

Reference shared during Chatshaala .

About @Misbah 's Tissue paper cupculture.

TCA cycle

GOGAT Pathway

The GS/GOGAT pathway is a two-step process: first, the glutamine synthetase (GS) generates glutamine from glutamate and ammonium; next, the glutamine oxoglutarate aminotransferase/glutamate synthase (GOGAT) forms two molecules of glutamate from glutamine and α-ketoglutarate.,from%20glutamine%20and%20α-ketoglutarate