ChloroHydra Viridissima - Regeneration Study at Homelab,Mira road

Aim:To study regeneration in Hydra
Objective: To ampute 3 ChloroHydra’s and to study regeneration process.**

1)Will Hydra regenerate when cut from middle horizontally, how many days?
2)Can the gastric region regenerate into (head&basal disc)when Head and Basal disc are cut down?

1)ChloroHydra will regenerate within 4-5 days.
2)The Gastric region will regenerate into Head and Basal Disk.

Requirements: 3 ChloroHydra’s, Ice Cube tray, Glass slip (along with white paper at the bottom), water, blade, cloth, a dropper.


1)Carefully remove 1 Chlorohydra from the culture.
2) Along with 1 drop of water place the Chlorohydra on the glass slip.
3)Adjust a source of light to see Hydra more Clearly.
4)When Chlorohydra is in elongated stage carefully with a blade cut the Hydra into two pieces.
5)Keep the head and the basal part separately in Ice tray.
6)Observe and Note the change after every 12 hours.

Design: Keep the head and the basal disc separately in each Ice Cub

1st Chlorohydra Amputation Video (Click here)

2nd Chlorohydra Amputation Video (Click here)

3rd Chlorohydra Amputation Video (Click here)

1st ChloroHydra Amputated close to head
Separate the head and Basal part and keep in Ice tray with 6ml water and Label as-

2nd ChloroHydra Amputated at middle
Separate the head and Basal part and keep in Ice tray with 6ml water and Label as-

3rd ChloroHydra Amputated in such a way that head ,the Gastric region and the base are separated.
Separate the head and Basal part and Gastric part and keep in Ice tray with 6ml od DC water and Label as-
Gastric region-M3
Basal part-T3

Setup to take images of the amputated part of Chlorohydra.
This makes use of a light source (I have used table lamp),a glass slip which is placed on a white paper to see the hydra more Clearly.

This is the lens which I used for capturing amputated pieces of Chlorohydra. I got it from Laser Light which was given by @drishtantmkawale

How to attach a lens to a mobile camera? (Click Here)