We presented CUBE (Model systems & Home Lab) to Microbiology students of Vivekanand Education Society's College

On 23th July 2022, we had a workshop on CUBE model systems and Homelab Experiments in Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Arts, Science & Commerce. Where @saida786110 @Isha_23 had a discussion with all the faculty of microbiology department.

@saida786110 introduced CUBE to teachers and @Isha_23 talked about fruit flies by the help of presentation. She explained why do we use drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) as a model system. After that we went to SYBSc. Microbiology students to present different model systems and to discuss and explain them what are the model systems CUBists are working on.

First we all introduced ourselves and CUBE then we divided model systems we had and took few students to explain them about our respective model systems
So we had 4 model systems and we divided them between ourselves…
@Isha_23 - Fruit fly
@saida786110 Moina
@dhanraj.tribhuvan - Hydra
@Smiti - Earthworm
Then the batch had 36 students so we divided them by 4 and all of us had 9 students to interact with, for 1st 60 mins or 1 hour.

  • I started with earthworm as a model system then showed them the tissue paper cup culture and asked them what is there in it?
  • As u can see one of them was brown in color, they thought it was soil, by looking at white color culture, one of them told it’s wet cotton.
  • They were astonished to know that it’s just tissue paper and water in the cup and earthworms are living in it for months, also they looked healthy…
  • They all had a lot of question a like how do earthworms get nutrients from this culture. Wanna know how? Read the article give below…

Nutrition In Cup Cultures

I forgot to mention that the culture i was showing them was given to me by @Misbah and she only wrote the article given above.

We had college presentation that day for internals so @Misbah, @Neha2 and @Parab96k1 couldn’t join us and i left as my work in college was done with everyone’s model systems so in the picture here…
Earthworms were given by @Misbah
Moina by @Neha2
Hydra by @Parab96k1
And Fruit fly by @Smiti (me)

After discussing about nutrition and regeneration in earthworms, i showed them some other model systems and told them about different Citizen science projects…

In the same way @Isha_23 showed them the homemade BRSV (Banana, Rava, Sugar, vinegar) media and told them how it was a alternative to STANDARD CORNMEAL AGAR MEDIA used in College and other research Labs

For this how it’s an alternative (comparison thing), you can go through the article given below

Fruit fly as a context to learn Biochemistry by building up from basics!

Also @dhanraj.tribhuvan explained about why he started culturing hydra and about the regeneration study they performed along with the light and dark experiment

Regeneration studies done by @Parab96k1

ChloroHydra Viridissima - Regeneration Study at Homelab,Mira road

And @saida786110 Discussed about epigenetic studies done on moina, how genes are activated and hemoglobin is produced, because of which moina turns red and how do we connect it with humansStarting from very basic classification to the complex questions!

Moina as a epigenetic model system by @drishtantmkawale

Moina as an Epigenetic model organism

After 1 hour of discussion we had a Causerie, where the group of 9 students were presenting what each of the mentors discussed with them in front of rest of the class and their teachers, after they were done presenting other groups asked them questions

I don’t know about others but for me this was really fun as we had a Causerie offline with so many people after long 3 months!

  • Also I came across a lot of new things, because of different kind of people and ideologies, questions, interests, creative research ideas (as they were microbiology students) and lot more.
  • This also inspired me a lot and motivated me to start the culture of fruit fly again and this time to inform about what problems I’m facing while trapping and transferring flies or with media.
  • Rather than getting upset and throwing things off when it didn’t work as expected, stop updating and not seeking answers for why that contamination took place, etc was the biggest GOOF UP i made…

Now I’m back with fruit flies and I’m updating about them on groups, soon I’ll be creating a tread here too and will post all my work from the beginning that’s 4th October 2021. Till then stay happy and safe, Thanks for reading :blush:


Congratulations @Smiti @saida786110 @Isha_23 Please post to Context2curriculum group and lets have a great discussion on the fall out of this great even at VES college, at Chatshaala.
Please post in all relevant CUBE groups. @Smiti