Chronobiological studies in CUBE

Cubists use Fruit flies, Phyllanthus, and street dogs to address various research questions.

One main question that cubists are interested in is the sleep-wake cycle.

1)Sleep-wake cycle using Drosophila.

Observation made by @saswathy679 CUBE SN College ,Nattika.
Three day observation shows maximum number of fruitflies observed mainly at 12to 2PM and 6 to 10PM.
Less number of flies observed from12am to 6 am.

These data collected by @_Seema_11 CUBE Goa.
Most number of fruitflies observed in 5pm.

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to
Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young
for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm

2)Leaf movements in Phyllanthus, a nyctinastic plant .

Does sunrise and sunset play any role in the leaf opening and closing in Phyllanthus?

Sunrise :6.27am
Before the sunrise time : The leaves started to open(6 am)
Before sunset time: the leaves started to close .(5pm)
At sunset time leaves almost completely closed (6pm)

Day 2
Sunrise :6.27am

Before the sunrise time : the leaves started to open(6 am)
After sunset leaves: completely closed (6.10 pm)

Day 3
Sunrise :6.28am
Before the sunrise time : the leaves started to open(5.15 am)
After sunset leaves completely closed (6.15pm).
Data collected by @Theertha .

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-05 at 8.40.24 PM
Shaurya ,Delhi
Sunrise :6.51am
Place : New Delhi ,Delhi
Time:5 am ,4pm,5pm &6pm
Sunset: 5:25pm
Data collected by @SHAURYA26

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-05 at 8.42.21 PM

Photo: @Lahari
25/11/2022 , Sunrise time: 6:16 AM, Sunset time: 5:38 PM
leaves were started to open at 5:50 AM.
leaves were totally opend at 6:10AM .

Leaves totally closed at 5:00PM .

24/11/2022 sunrise time :6:16 AM ,Sunset time :5:38 PM.
At sunrise time phyllanthus leaves were started to open ,5:50 AM and totally
opened at 6:10 AM.
Leaves totally closed at 5:00

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-05 at 8.43.46 PM

Photo @Shraddha276 .

Related research questions:
In search of Factors effecting leaf-opening and closing (such as temperature, water etc.)

  1. sleep-wake cycle in Street dogs Vs Pet dogs.
    Why study dogs?
  1. High order mammalian system.
  2. First of wild animals to be domesticated and bred by humans.
  3. Show complex and rhythmic behaviours like humans.
  4. Share the same ecological niche (Urban and rural) with humans.
  5. Create awareness among society regarding the animal welfare.


Data collected by @Swaha

Data collected by @Theertha ,Total no.of observations :89.

SLEEP-WAKE Pattern in Pet-Dogs.

Observations by @lakshmy and @Anup.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-05 at 8.56.30 PM

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-05 at 8.55.55 PM