CUBE Room Webinar!:- The Causerie will still be on!

CUBE Room Webinar!:- The Causerie will still be on!

Hello there!

How is everyone amidst the COVID-19 scare! ?:pensive: :mask:
And now, the lockdown too has shut the doors for everyone!

Now on 16th March 2020, our college declared a two-week holiday as a precautionary measure for the Virus Outbreak.
So, we shifted all our College Cultures to CUBE HBCSE, Mumbai having a thought that at least here we could look after the cultures!

But then on 18th March 2020, the Government of India announced the abandonment of the rail services in a couple of days which now meant that we could not travel to CUBE HBCSE as well!
So, we decided to take a few bottles at home and maintain them there and the rest cultures would be fed by @G_N Sir.

So, on 19th March 2020, we came to take our cultures.

But we (I, @yash_sheregare, @Shivamkumar_Sriwas) didn’t know that we have a surprise waiting for us!

The surprise CUBE Room Webinar was revealed to us by @KiranyadavR Ma’am!

So finally, after all of this bak bak of mine, you should ask, What is CUBE Room Webinar?
So, in the GLabat HBCSE, after all of the day’s work, we have a informal group discussion or Causerie wherein we discuss the work which was done in the day, past days, the Objectives, the Research Question, and the designs of the experiments which would be carried out in the future and many more related topics are put forward and discussed, questions are asked, doubts are cleared.

But now in the Virus Season, everyone would be in their respective homes so how will the Causerie happen?

It will happen with the help of technology!

@G_N Sir along with the Maker’s Space faculty have come forward with an online platform where Discussions can happen and are happening through Audio and Video Conferences!
It is free for all, anyone from any corner of the world (with a good internet connection :grimacing:) can join us!

So, it has been a week since we started it at 3pm everyday.
It has been a very good experience overall!!

Looking forward to discussing more topics with the help of this!

Please Contribute to this, people!!
@Arunan @Lydia @saida786110 @baviskarritik @Vaibhavib99 @Zahra_R17

Take care and stay safe at your homes please!

The temporary link of the CUBE Room Webinar: BigBlueButton

The website interface!

Updates of the elapsed days would be done in the posts following this one.

Update on CUBE Room Webinar : Saturday, 21 March 2020

We discussed on the relation of the COVID19 with Drosophila melanogaster sex comb in terms of evolution.

The Topic summary by @yash_sheregare

Common topic under the light of Evolution

Do all organims Evolve including from fruit flies to viruses?

All organisms including the CsBz flies (cultured in the media bottles for over 60 years,which are given culture media) , native fruit flies in the wild, certain species of fruit flies like melanogaster bearing sex combs in certain drosophila species and the Virus in hosts like bats in context to the SARS and COVID19, what do all of them have in common?
In reality, they are not related but are they related under the common feature of Evolution?!

The questions raised by @drishtantmkawale

They have a common base which relates them!- Evolution

But has the COVID-19 actually evolved?
What are the references for the same?
After its first outbreak as the SARS in 2002-03, it emerged in 2012 as the MERS (Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome) and now as the Novel Coronavirus- A pandemic!!

Why did it take 10/16 years to evolve?
Where was it lying dormant all these years?

A Virus needs a host.
Were Bats its hosts?

All these questions come in my mind when I think of Evolution!!

Conversation was joined by @G_N @KiranyadavR @Lydia @Shivamkumar_Sriwas @yash_sheregare

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Update on CUBE Room Webinar: Sunday, 22 March 2020

"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" - Evolutionary Biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky

Evolution of COVID19 is what we discussed.

We started with asking the question that Where and how did the COVID19 evolve?

In its first out-break as SARS in 2002-03, it had not affected many people and was not a widespread as it is now.
It hasn’t changed its host organism i.e. Bats but has been continuously affecting humans whenever it came out.

So, now when it is back after 16 years, it has become a pandemic and affected people all over the world!
Why so?

Both are the same viruses but the COVID19 can be thought of as an evolved version of the SARS.
How come?

Evolution takes time… and we thought that definitely, the evolutionary mechanisms of the virus must not have taken place in humans (as a host) because if that was the case, it would’ve wrecked havoc then!

So, Bats are the organisms where the evolutionary mechanism of the SARS has taken place.
We can think that the virus was not able to affect a large population because it was lacking some ability. Ability in the form of expression of proteins, etc…

@Arunan Sir added that there would have been some kind of change in the sequence of DNA in the form of random mutations (change in single base pairs or alteration…) which led to the activation of some gene which the Virus (after many generations) found useful and then it was passed on to many generations…
So RANDOM MUTATIONS in the GENOME OF THE VIRUS are the key here!
They can be due to anything!
A chemical change, change in the environment…

Later, this was related to the Evolution of the Sex Comb of Drosophila Melanogaster
Again, random mutations!
Sex Comb helps in clasping the female during Copulation.
Some fly species of the Genus: Drosophila have evolved from having no sex comb to having sex combs.
This too we can think has happened because of evolution.
As it can be the case that earlier, the flies which did not have a sex comb, developed a sex comb because there was a need. Once the gain of function mutation (which is going to help the organism in surviving) happens in the organism, it gets into the genome and is transferred on the next generation.

So @yash_sheregare added that possibly the ones having sex comb over the years might evolve to get different structures of sex comb
Since in the end, it is some gene that formed the proteins and then giving rise to a phenotypic structure like a sex comb
So there might be mutations in closely related species like melanogaster and pseudoobscura to give rise to different structures of the sex comb in these species.

Joined by
@Arunan Sir @drishtantmkawale @yash_sheregare @KiranyadavR


Update on CUBE Room Webinar: Monday, 23 March 2020

So today we discussed the problems faced by @Nazish Kaunchale in culturing the luminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri
We came to know that the bacteria inoculated on the Boss Media is luminescent for 2-3 days but thereon it loses its glowing ability. Although the colonies show growth on the media.

Why that?
If the colonies are growing then their luminescence should be visible right?
But that is not the case!

Now, a question arises that how is the bacteria surviving in the Ink Sac of the Squid from where it is isolated from?
Does the luminescence stop there also?

We need to look for that…

Also, @Nazish Kaunchale said that Glycerol is added in the medium which helps the bacteria to glow.

@yash_sheregare and @Shivamkumar_Sriwas dded that, if that is the case, glycerol must be the substrate (the substance on which the enzyme acts) for the enzyme Luciferase.
So, it must be getting used up quickly!

Logically thinking, if that is the case, then more glycerol should be added to the medium or else the bacteria should be sub-cultured (colonies from the original plate should be streaked on the other plate containing the Boss Medium) when the glowing colonies are visible so that their substrate which is glycerol would be available to them and (I think) they would continue glowing.

Appropriate references should be looked upon to confirm the hypothesis.

Joined by:
@drishtantmkawale @yash_sheregare @Shivamkumar_Sriwas @Arunan Sir

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Update on CUBE Room Webinar: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

So, on Tuesday, the problems faced by @magpie Ma’am in culturing the Moina Water Flea discussed along with the design of the experiment of the Valproic Acid experiment (redirect to another topic on Moinas as an epigenetic model organism by @drishtantmkawale, here the total design is explained)

Joined by:
@Arunan Sir @Lydia @magpie Ma’am @saida786110 @yash_sheregare


Update on CUBE Room Webinar: Wednesday, 25 March 2020

I think the CUBists are not over yet with the Evolution Season!
Yes, today too we discussed on Evolution.

@Arunan Sir @baviskarritik @saida786110 @Lydia @yash_sheregare @KiranyadavR Ma’am @Vaibhavib99 were present at the CUBE Room Webinar today!

We discussed what does Evolution mean to every one of us. Because if we ask someone about evolution, everyone will have a different understanding of it!

For me, as far as my understanding,
Evolution is something which occurs in species which are related to each other over generations and in the end, most of the time, it benefits the organism itself and then later the population as a whole.
Evolution is a random event.
It can occur at any given time given that it has been stimulated by the environment of the organism… not always but in most of the cases… and if the mutation has been naturally selected for going into the next generation* then it benefits the organism for its survival… again most of the time.

We have examples like
Darwins Finches, The comparison of the Olfactory Senses of the Standard CsBz (Canton Special Benzer) Drosophila melanogaster and Native Wild Flies, the COVID19 pandemic… where evolution has benefitted the organism for its survival.

Mutations can be stimulated randomly by the environment, chemically… but that particular mutation should be selected for the next generation for Evolution to occur.

Like thousands of mutations occur in our body daily but they get repaired, right?
What if they get carried?

Loss of function mutations can be like
The mutations occurring due ultraviolet rays causing skin cancer… and the infamous Retinoblastoma disease which affects the eyes is due to loss of heterozygosity of the gene! Loss of function of one of the two alleles for retinoblastoma… If that gene is genetically inherited by the offspring and it gets it second hit, then damn! Tumor formation would be there in the eye(s) of the affected!

So you see, Evolution is a Bigg thing!

During the discussion, @saida786110 was not convinced about the environment supporting Evolution.
Can we have your point of view @saida786110 ?!!


drishtantmkawale has written it very well so i would like to write further and would like to share that what we have constructed on the forth day of Online causerie/Discussion on webinar.

Update on CUBE Room Webinar : Thursday, 26 March 2020

How Important is it for a researcher to have evidence (in the form of Photographs or short videos) of his/her research work??
Record, Report and Research (RRR) is one of the design made by CUBE.

Particularly, Before getting in the online conference i was watching a video of Bdelloid Rotifers feeding, then i noticed a tube like structure protruded near the mouth part of that Animal, i have seen Rotifers under microscope many times but never noticed a structure like that.
Then Nazish (Who’s working On Rotifers) came to the discussion and i asked her if you have ever seen such a structure in your animal she said yes , she has seen it so many times, and she has discussed about the body of Rotifers during the causeries.After that Prof. Arunan has came to the discussion and agreed that we should have a good photographs of our Observation.
How can we use our Smartphones completely for our Research Work??
By taking Good pictures with a fine focus and good Background and we can show it to others as an evidence of our work.
*It is a library cum art gallery in its own kind! pictures and videos can be taken very easily with the help of smart Mobiles *