Culturing Moina macrocopa jsk1 in homelab

I got Moina macrocopa jsk1 1 from through @⁨Saida CUBE⁩ from Sophia College, Mumbai😃 yesterday i.e. 17th June 2023 This is 500ml bottle with 250ml DC water and approximately 100 Moina. I’ve Labelled the bottle with Date of making. From this culture i will make multiple subcultures and also help in setting up moina culture in Somaiya CUBE LAB. CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, 18th June 2023, Video:- AbhijeetSingh.


Daily update on Moina macrocopa jsk1 culture from Homelab😃 In this half litre bottle there is 250ml water and approx 50 Moina. I will subculture this by taking 250ml water in another half litre bottle. CUBE Homelab Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. 23rd June 2023. Video:- AbhijeetSingh.

Moina Macrocopa jsk1 Homelab update. Approx 100 moina in 250ml DC water was brought from Sophia College with the help of Saida. I’m adding 1 drop of milk on alternate days but I DIDNT ADD MILK SINCE LAST 4 DAYS(24th-27th June) BUT STILL APPROX 15-20 MOINA CAN BE SEEN.:smiley: Video taking from the top angle through the mouth of bottle and keeping bottle on a mobile torch. CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, 28th June 2023, Video AbhijeetSingh.

Moina macrocopa jsk1 culture in Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai. Approx 70-80 moina would be there in the culture. Added 1 drop of milk. CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, videos: Abhijeet Singh, 19th June 2023.

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Moina macrocopa jsk1 in Homelab update Today the moina number has increased to approximately 70-80😃. I’m adding 1 drop of milk on alternate days. Today this video was taken before adding milk. 4th July 2023 CUBE Homelab, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Video: AbhijeetSingh

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:small_orange_diamond:BREAKING NEWS: Adventures in CUBE Homelab 6th July 2023​:small_orange_diamond:
In Moina macrocopa jsk1 Homelab Ulwe bottle culture, no moving moina are seen but still the culture is saved. Read to know how:

This moina culture was brought from Sophia College through Saida on 17th June 2023. Moina was being cultured in single bottle with 250ml water and 1 drop milk. ( Goof-up😬 No replicates were made)

The last observation was made on 4th July 2023 where I was able to see 70-80 moina. In order to replicate the culture on 4th July 23 I added around 10 moina in an ice cream tub which was kept in the balcony and rain water got collected in that.( Goof-up::grimacing: Update regarding this was not shared in groups)

Today i.e. 6th July 23 when i observed the bottle no moving moina was observed. But when I looked in that tub culture I was able to see 5-7 moina moving​:astonished::face_exhaling:.

CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, 6th July 2023, video: AbhijeetSingh

This is the ice cream tub culture in which I had added approx 10 moina on 4th July 2023 As this was kept open in balcony it has Algae, Some amount of Soil etc. Today before making this observation I added 3 drops of milk in this culture. It’s volume is around 750ml. CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, 6th July 2023. Video: AbhijeetSingh.

Major question:
How did all moina die in bottle culture?:face_with_monocle:

For answering this question we need to know what exactly I did on 4th July 2023🤔?

→ How did I transfer approx 10 moina in Ice cream tub culture on 4th July?

I tilted the moina culture bottle in the ice cream tub so that along with water moina would also go.

Now after this the volume of water in the bottle came down to below half of the bottle, so I added water in the bottle culture.

Where did I get this water from? Was it Dechlorinated?

I took the water from a brass vessel kept in my kitchen. I asked my mother when she had filled the water in the vessel? She said she cannot remember exactly but maybe 7:30 or 8 am in the morning of 4th July.

When did I transfer water from the vessel into the bottle?

Around 8:30am on 4th July.

Is that why moina died? How shall we find out through an experiment?
@⁨Varsha Singh⁩ @⁨Anindita CUBE Kj⁩ @⁨Saida CUBE⁩ @⁨Kiran Di⁩ @⁨Sakshi Ratnam CUBE⁩ and others…

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Self Sustainable Moina macrocopa jsk1 culture in Homelab🥳 PLEASE WATCH VIDEO TILL END. On 4th July 2023 i had added approx 5 moina and 3 drops of milk in this ice cream tub which was kept open in rain in the balcony. These moina were brought from Sophia College on 17th June 2023 through Saida. After 6th July no observation was made and the culture was left unnoticed. Today i observed the culture and found 100+ moina in it. CUBE Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, 19th July 2023, Video: AbhijeetSingh.

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similar culture was there with me in the year 2021.
attaching the link below.

Long shot of Moina macrocopa jsk1 self sustainable culture in Balcony Lab😁 Culture is kept besides plants and leaves from the plant falls in the culture when dried up. 19th July 2023, CUBE Homelab, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Video: AbhijeetSingh.

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