Develop Your own device to measure SPO2 and Heart Rate

Heart Rate aka as Pulse rate and SPO2 which shows the oxygen saturation in the blood are two of the five vital signs of the human body.
And also due to current Pandemic situation of COVID-19 spread it is really important to keep monitoring these two vital sign along with temperature of our body.

So how about design and develop your own device which can help us to monitor our Pulse rate and SPO2.

The oxygen saturation in blood help cells to perform aerobic respiration and respiration is the fundamental process by which cells gains energy. This energy is further utilized in the process such as locomotion, biosynthesis, and transport of molecules across cell membranes.

Pulse oxymetry is non-invasive method to measure pulse rate and SPO2 of human body. The basic priciple involved is shown in below picture.


The challenge is to explore the science and technology behind the pulse oxymetry and also design and develop the IOT enabled device to measure pulse rate and SPO2.

And you can also think of it as a Portable or wearable device.

Below is given one the reference Block diagram to build such device. One can also use their own approach and components selection.

Report your work done and achievements through pictures, messages and videos.

While you are making whatever questions you have, whenever you need help, do not hesitate to ask by replying to this topic.

Happy Development !

Some References to know more about how to get things done.

Guide to using pulse oximeters during Covid-19 pandemic.pdf (261.4 KB)

Understanding SpO2 and Normal Oxygen Levels.


In journey of this development so far i have completed design of the schematic diagram of the device using KiCAD (an Open source Software for designing schematics and PCB layouts).

Here is the snapshot.

For more clear view one can download the pdf of schematic given below:
IOT_Pulse_Oxymeter.pdf (62.2 KB)

Please free to ask any query regarding the schematic.

Looking forward for the makers to discuss around components used in schematic.

Happy Designing !